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Experienced  Casino  Manager
Fun Casinos UK can assist you with all the arrangements for your event - and on the night, efficient management ensures that the function runs smoothly from start to finish - so all you have to do is enjoy yourself.  Our fully trained and experienced Casino Manager and Co-ordinators will take care of everything else, making sure that everyone has a great time.

You can't loose any real money !

Genuine Casino Equipment
We only use real fun casino tables and beautiful real roulette wheels, not just cloths and small plastic wheels. Even our chips are genuine casino chips not cheap plastic discs.
We would recommend one table per 12 - 15 guests where the fun casino is the main entertainment at a function.
Fun  Money  &  Prizes
Everybody receives an amount of fun money at the start of the event, which they then give to the Croupiers at the tables and exchange for chips.  The chips are coloured for easy recognition, and the values and uses are explained at the start of the casino.  At the end of the event, we hold a presentation ceremony, where prizes are awarded to the players with the highest amount of chips.
Fun Casinos UK are happy to supply prizes which can be awarded at the end of the event, or alternatively you may wish to supply your own.  The bigger the prize the more atmospheric the night becomes – you will be surprised at how competitive people become!  Prizes can be presented by our Casino Manager, a celebrity, the managing director of the company, or anybody else you choose.
We also offer fully or partially personalised fun money, so you can promote your image, brand or company - all personalised fun money will feature your logo and/or name, please contact us for further details and prices.
No  Risk
By using fun money, you are safe to gamble away exactly as you would in a real casino, but with absolutely no risk as you are not using your own money - this way everyone gets the same chance to play and to win.  Remember though, the emphasis is on the fun of taking part, not just on the winning!!