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Fun Casinos UK supply all of the games that are available in real casinos - including Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Dice, Texas Hold'Em, Baccarat, plus lots more.
We probably have the largest selection of casino games in the UK.  Most games can be learned quickly and easily, and Fun Casinos UK will advise you on which games to choose for your event.  Whether your guests are experienced gamblers or complete novices, everyone is sure to enjoy a night at our casino.

This  could  be  your  event  !

Real, top quality casino equipment.

We only use real fun casino tables and beautiful real roulette wheels, not just cloths and small plastic wheels. Even our chips are top quality, heavy weight chips, not just cheap plastic discs.
We would recommend one table per 12 - 15 guests, where the fun casino is the main entertainment at a function.
Fun Casinos UK are happy to supply prizes which we will award at the end of the event, or alternatively you may wish to supply your own.  The bigger the prize the more atmospheric the night becomes – you will be surprised at how competitive people become!  Prizes can be presented by our Casino Manager, a celebrity, the managing director of the company, or anybody else you choose.

The Games
Below are a few of the most popular games supplied by Fun Casinos UK.  with a quick description. For a more indepth and detailed explanation on how to play the games, click here
The best known and most glamorous casino game - and also one of the easiest to play:  simply place your bets on 1 - 18 or 19 - 36, red or black numbers, odd or even numbers, any single number, any two numbers, any four numbers, or blocks of twelve numbers.  Roulette creates a great atmosphere by the noise of the wheel and the large crowd it attracts.  Multiply your stake up to 35 times depending on which bet you choose.
Try to keep below twenty one and beat the bank.  You have two cards to start with, add them up - are you under 21?  Do you twist another card or do you stick?  The choice is yours, just don't bust!  Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and is just like pontoon.  Blackjack also offers the skilful payer the best percentage return. 

Caribbean Stud Poker
This was the first poker game to be played in real casinos in the United Kingdom.  In Caribbean Stud Poker, each player has 5 cards, and has to make the best hand he can to beat the house.  Odds can be as much as 50 - 1 depending on the strength of your hand.

Poker Dice International
Brand New Casino Dice Game with 5 Dice. It is quick and simple to learn with all players taking turns to roll the dice. Combining elements of both Craps and Poker. Roll a Pair of 5's or higher with 5 dice and you can win odds, from 3 - 2 up to 100 - 1.  Roll 3 of a Kind or a Full House and you will be really in the money and on your way to becoming a High Roller!

Texas Hold'em Poker

A cunning game of skill where players challenge each other. It is the most popular card game in the US with many major tournaments shown live on English television. You can bet as much as you like and even go "All In" betting all of your chips.